Extra Classes


We offer variety of enrichment classes (kindermusik, mandarin program & rhythmic gymnastics, classical ballet) classes at our kindergartens. Professional Music Teachers anchor the classes at our kindergartens. Parents have the option of Music classes at our kindergartens.

Rhythmic gymnastics & kindermusik is a popular Music & Movement programme for babies, toddlers and children. We believes in building a strong foundation for the children before they learn to play any music instrument. We offer a complete multi-year educational programme that helps infants, toddlers and children develop a deep love for music and the ability to express it.

Why is FunGates a better choice for kids ?

    • System components are integrated to enhance learning in logical and entertaining ways
    • A quality curriculum designed with challenging books and apparatus
    • A learning environment that is built around children and their needs
    • Our heartbeat is developing lifelong learners
    • Successful in guiding each child to discover the world of play and learn
    • Necessary knowledge and skills to excel to the next level confidently
    • An atmosphere of encouragement, support and stimulation
    • Linking the emerging learning process to a solid foundation in wholesome education

Talent wins games, but attitude and persistence bring you CHAMPIONSHIP


World's leading provider of music-based education for children. It's a very unique music program designed to provide creative, fun, meaningful music learning experience!

Mandarin Program

Program is equipped with materials from the widely known Odonata Publishing that aims to benefit the child in recognising or learning vocabularies and stimulate their listen ability!

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a combination of the dynamics and flexibility of gymnastic, the technical knowledge of ballet, and the self expression and rhythm of modern dance!

Classical Ballet

It teaches children how to stand correctly and walk with grace and poise - qualities that will be benefit to them for years to come, even if they choose to explore other activities.

Building Inner Values,
Developing Strong Personality


During the childhood, they are constantly nurtured to master their strengths and passions to cultivate frameworks that define their life.


children are taught to identify the surrounding they are in to develop thought patterns ascertaining safe surroundings.


We facilitate the development of the child and instill the awareness of the real world, triggering the child’s creativity and intelligence.


We believe that in this progressive culture, one of the most important values that define ourselves is respecting & self-respect.

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